DID SOMEONE SAY BIBLE STUDY?  YES WE GOT THE BIBLE STUDY!!!!!!   Bible Study at church, home, and online!  Women, Men, kids and anyone else can learn the Bible for themselves!!!!!  At Eastside Community Church, there are many Bible Study for all levels.  Make the commitment to learn the Bible for yourselves.

 GO DEEP BIBLE STUDY:  Sundays @9-10 am & Wednesday @7-8:30 pm: Everyone should learn the Bible for themselves.  Go Deep is where you can do just that.  Pastor Ron Doss leads these Bible Studies.  They go verse to verse through a book of the Bible on Wednesday and do life topics (anger, marriage, prayer, revenge etc.) on Sunday.  

What makes these studies so meaningful is the focus is the Bible (versus what some book says about the Bible), everyone is welcomed to ask any question, and share comments even if it is from a different subject.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and bring their Bible (no matter what level they are at). 

Don’t just sit there, but attend Go Deep and learn the Bible for yourself.