Pastor Damon

I met Jesus at the age of 10. My father had just recently died, and it was during this tragedy in my life that I turned to Christ. It happened when my grandfather came over to our house. He explained to me all there was to know about Jesus' saving work on the cross and how Jesus did it all for me. It was that day sitting in our kitchen that I truly accepted and believed. Several months later, I decided to step out and let the people of the church know what I had done and got baptized.

I got serious about my relationship with Christ at the age of 14. I got involved with the church because of a summer youth retreat that changed my life. I was led to exercise one of Christ's commands; I was reaching out to my friends, with His good news. At the age of 17, while visiting a Christian College Christ I gave myself totally to Christ and as a result, He called me into the vocational ministry of the gospel.

I am married to Liane; and together we have three children that God has graciously gave us to shepherd.

In my free time I enjoy reading God's word as it is just so fulfilling to study. 

I can be reached by emailing me here.



Pastor Ron Doss

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