We are a Baptist Church.  As a Baptist Church, we strive to be friendly, loving, and focus on the Bible.  Being a Baptist Church allows us the vision that everyone is important.  At our Baptist Church, Senior Citizens become friends.  Senior Citizens are honored and loved.  Teens find friends at our Baptist Church and serve and grow spiritually.  Eastside Baptist Church focusses on loving kids and children and seeing them grow in the Bible.  Children love the teachers and beg to come to Family Night (Wednesday).  Also we are a Baptist Church that helps families and others thrive and grow in their faith for themselves.  The sermons are powerful and relevant as being a Baptist Church, the focus is applying the Bible to life.  Come and be a part Sundays 10 am or Bible Studies throughout the week.  To summarize this Baptist Church loves people (Senior Citizens, Kids, Children, Babies, Families, Men, Women) and preaches the BIble.