Workforce Development Program

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to implement a demand-driven inter-grated Workforce Program that promotes workers with the ability to read, write, complete an application, take an oral and written aptitude test and successfully complete an interview. Workers will also be provided with the opportunity to be placed in a job placement program which will assist them with finding and obtaining employment and to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge and to strengthen our communities.

 Our Goal:

To ensure that our services to the community workforce have provided and covered the areas that one needs to be applicant ready for a job interview and placement.

By working collaboratively with job placement agencies for various job industries and to promote a strong economic environment of working people.

Program Director:    Teaches Resume Writing/ Creating, Speaking and Presentation Skills.

Job Coach 1 Teaches:  Self Esteem,  Hygiene,  Grooming,  Interviewing Garments and how to dress for success.

Job Coach 2 Teaches:  Reading, writing, completing applications and aptitude.           


  • Portfolios
  • Computers and printers
  • Calendars
  • Power point machine and screen
  • Office supplies..{ink pens, notebooks staplers, paper clips, waste baskets copying paper and ink cartridges}
  • Class Materials, Books, testing materials
  • Interviewing outfits for the students (who don’t have them)
  • Transportation Service to the interview ( Church Van for Community Outreach services pertaining to Job search?
  • Grooming and Hygiene Products (to give the students)

CLASS OUTLINE for Workforce Development Program

  • Introductory to Self-esteem Workshop- Week 1-4
  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming Workshop- Week 5-8
  • Reading, Writing, completing Job Applications and Aptitude Testing Week 9-13
  • Speaking the Workforce Language
  • Resume Writing and Creating
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interviewing Garments and How to dress for Success

Job Placement Assistant upon completion of Program from an Accredited placement Agency.